Middleton Town Centre

Middleton Town Centre Management Company is committed to improving Middleton Town Centre as a destination for leisure and recreation as well as a shopping destination. We understand that particular attention needs to be given to understanding the town’s strengths and weaknesses and our role as the Town Centre Management company is to ensure that the public and private sector stakeholders are working together in partnership in order to bring together a broad range of interests in our town. Communication is key in improving the viability and vitality of Middleton Town Centre.

Meet the Middleton Business Owner – Dan Coyne

Dan Coyne – Owner of the Milk Bar, Lean and Green and Co -Owner of Monsters Ink Tattoo Studio.


Dan is a local lad who grew up in Middleton and wanted to make a difference in his home town and community, Dan wished to set up a different type of business to improve Middleton’s image, standing and reputation and increase footfall in the town as a whole.  Dan has achieved this in abundance, as he now the owner of three thriving Middleton based businesses.

  • Monsters Ink Tattoo Studio
  • The Milk Barn
  • Lean and Green


Still being only young it is a massive achievement for Dan to be running three profitable businesses, all three businesses are completely different and require different abilities and strengths to make them successful.  From initially owning and developing The Milk Barn, which provides customers with Milk Shakes, Burgers, Salads, Wraps and Juices.  Dan noticed a gap in the market for an alternative to ‘takeaways’ and so ‘Lean and Green’ was born – here he has developed a healthy snack bar aimed at gym -goers and provides Salads, Wraps, Protein Shakes, Smoothies and Juices.  This filled a major gap in the food retail market in Middleton.

Monsters Ink Tattoo Studio was established by Dan and a close friend – Jack (who runs and tattoos in the studio on a daily basis) to provide a tattoo studio that was friendly and inclusive to all.  They wished to break down old stereotypical views about tattoos and body art and this was achieved by hard work and a driven attitude to succeed.  Monsters Ink is now a thriving business in its fourth year of trading.

The diversity in all three businesses was important to Dan, as he believed it would help encourage a wider selection of customers into Middleton.  This has proven to be the case as footfall in all three businesses steadily increase.

Although Dan is the owner he actively works in both The Milk Barn and Lean and Green and has future plans to extend and expand his existing businesses in Middleton to make them bigger and better – which in turn he hopes will provide more job opportunities for the local community.

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