Middleton Town Centre

Middleton Town Centre Management Company is committed to improving Middleton Town Centre as a destination for leisure and recreation as well as a shopping destination. We understand that particular attention needs to be given to understanding the town’s strengths and weaknesses and our role as the Town Centre Management company is to ensure that the public and private sector stakeholders are working together in partnership in order to bring together a broad range of interests in our town. Communication is key in improving the viability and vitality of Middleton Town Centre.


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Middleton Gardens has seen the addition of a fantastic new NAIL BAR! Today is the grand opening of the new business situated on the small strip near to Ryder and Dutton, Jeffery’s Amusements, Outdated Cafe, Ramplins Chip Shop and Hairtek! The additon of this business means that that row of shops is officially FULL again, reinforcing the billiant occupancy rate in our Middleton Gardens!

Come down and have a look at this new business and help suport SHOP LOCAL!